Physical training

Strenghth and conditioning training and physical development is one of the major focus areas through out the (4-5 year) Academy education but especially important for the first two years in the NHA U18 program in order to proceed towards the U21 program and finally to senior ice hockey.

Strenghth and conditioning program is carefully designed to develop the abilities modern hockey players need to have.

Full team is attached into a video coaching software (app) where performances can be easily evaluated, commented and shared within the group and individuals. Academy players are educated to understand and follow their heart rate, treshold levels and abilities to recover as well as the importance and value of proper muscle/ body activation (warm up) and rehabilitation and recovery process to avoid injuries (cool down).

Players work in pairs and follow a “20 C” development concept also during off ice training.

Off ice tests and physical evaluations through one on one meetings with players are done in regular basis to follow up the development.

On ice training (full team)

Due to our unique training facilities in Skien Fritidspark with modern ice hall arena and a large outdoor ice surface during winter months gives our players a fantastic opportunity and access to on ice training.

Academy teams practise on the ice as a full team from 5-6 times a week depending on our game rhythm. In order to maintain the best possible intensity, focus and quality in our team training – sessions are maximum 60-75 minutes long. Additional ice sessions are implemented into the program according to need (for example: pre game skate- special unit sessions- specific skills sessions).

Pre and post training meetings are held in the locker-rooms to add the value and quality of the learning and development process.

NHA philosophy and educational development concept includes 10 on ice habits that each individual masters and shall independently perform in each ice session in each drill. These habits are designed to increase the personal performance level in each training and together with the “20 C” concept players are able to enjoy and challenge themselves better in daily training.

Specific position coaching and skills training for goalies, defencemen and forwards are done on weekly basis.

On ice training (Small groups/ individual skills)

Due to the many different co-operation schools Academy works with, our players have morning sessions in different times depending on their academic schedule. Morning sessions and school time work outs give our players a fantastic benefit and platform to focus on individual skills and develop the needs they have.

Depending on the academic schedule, our players can have up to three (3) morning sessions per week with the academy coaches.

Videoing and video analyses are often used in the morning sessions to increase the value of individual skills development.

Main focus area during morning/ skills sessions:

  • develop individual on ice skills (skating, puck handling, shooting)
  • develop individual tactical skills (positional awereness)
  • large number of repetitions and focus on the correct techniques
  • pleasant environment ”pressure free” platform to work out
  • educate and instruct hockey IQ by breaking the game into parts
  • focus on small important details of the game
  • increase creativity and independency within our players

NHA on ice skills tests are done during morning/skills sessions.

Mental & Mindfulness Training

NHA is one of the few if only high school program that offers mental and mindfulness training on a weekly basis.

Mental and mindfulness training is dealt into four different concepts that are taught through individual development talks, small group exercises and full team lessons.

In NHA we believe that correct mental abilities and healthy self image and resiliance are one of the most important factors in general well being and achieving success both on and off the ice.

To understand how body and mind shall function together- we implement these four concepts into all academy training sessions including game performance.

Mental and mindfulness training is one of the main principals in the Nordic Hockey Academy concept and educational philosophy which also makes the program unique and different from others.

Academy also maintains a close contact with the parents of our players to increase the quality of the learning process.

Game Performance & Bench Coaching

Our vision is to play up to 50+ games per season with pre season, league and tournament games in total to have a healthy balance between training and competing.

In NHA we believe in modern and high intensity transition hockey to dictate the game tempo and puck posession time. According to our long-term develpment philosophy, we also coach our team to a 4 line rhythm and system to learn the basic principals of fast and modern hockey. We follow individual and team statistics from each game as well as video tape each game to our internal archive for further analyzing. Each individual receives feedback of his performance right after each game. Team statistics are listed after each 5 game “parts” where players can easily evaluate teams efficiency in different areas of the game. Following statistics are evaluated and provided to our players from each game:

Puck posession time

Game time

1 on 1 battles (win/ lose)


Blocked shots

Physical plays (take/ give)

Face off efficiency in each zone (left/right side)

Shooting accuracy and efficiency

Penalty minutes

Winning % (home/ away)

Scoring efficiency and accuracy

Full Goalie Stats (SV%, GAA, Winning %, Shootout %, Period efficiency, home/away efficiency, situational plays)