Accommodation and nutrition

Top athletes in all sports must have a proper balance between active training, rest and nutrition. Too many hockey programs lack in providing good enough nutrition and accommodation facilities for their players which has a direct impact on their comprehensive development. Players do not have the time, energy nor competence to maintain quality nutrition on their own. Therefore, Nordic Hockey Academy’s one priority is to secure the development triangle with proper accommodation facilities, correct healthy and nutritious athletes diet and sufficient rest and recovery.

In the start of the season all NHA players are instructed and coached the main principals of correct and healthy nutrition, proper living habits and rhythm in sleeping and rest.

In Nordic Hockey Academy we follow the guidelines  of Olympiatoppen (Norwegian Olympic Center) for proper nutrition and diet for athletes. Read more at Olympiatoppen.

Players are supported and guided to find a suitable apartment in the area, mostly in 2-3 person housing for a reasonable rent cost. All NHA players are taught the important daily living habits ”life skills” to maintain and increase the overall comfort and structure in their lives.

Task, time and space management are major priorities to teach to our athletes in order to become a 24/7 professional athlete, where accommodation, proper nutrition and rest are key factors of functional private life management.

Academic development and schooling

We motivate and support the academy players to respect and understand the importance of academic education combined with top sports and its demands.

Our academic goal for our students is high school graduation with good marks and results. The official coaching language in NHA program is English and therefore, prepares our players to gain a language competence which after high school studies, help them to step into international hockey world and even combine it with a University degree.

Academy players may independently choose their school and academic education in Skien. Schools have their own application procedure and conditions. Academy encourage players (students) not to be all in the same school to increase and enlargen the social and spiritual network and to integrate better into the society. NHA staff is in weekly contact with all co-operation schools and join the internal development talks and teacher meetings to make sure academy students are following the academic recuirements.

Our partner schools provide additional academic help and support to students that need academic assistance. More information via school management.

Private life management

NHA has extreme focus on developing and teaching our students as individuals and as humans to master valuable lifelong skills to succeed in the modern, competitive world. Private life management is one of the large topics and areas we evaluate our players as part of the individual evaluation assesment.

Here are few examples that NHA players are taught to follow and are evaluated upon:

  • Time, space and task management
  • Discipline to follow the correct nutrition plan (hydration (water intake), vitamins, food)
  • Following time schedule (hockey and school)
  • Planing and organizing day/week/month schedules with training, rest, private life and school work
  • Investing and organizing extra time to additional school work
  • Structure and order in apartements and belongings
  • General understanding and appreciation of private life wellbeing having an impact in performance

In Nordic Hockey Academy we are big believers in life balance and in order to perform on a optimal level on the ice, private life management is a vital part of comprehensive development.